Hello Brooke!
A LOT has happened since I last emailed You! This is more of an update than a question…
So…. I am a certified Pilates Instructor & I also teach Line Dance in small town of Boulder City, right outside of Las Vegas, besides my office job at Insurance Co. I teach 7 classes a week and have set a goal to grow my classes to 10 students each class, my next goal is 10 paying students every class, (haha!) learning from YOU! Give away ASMAP in the beginning! Progress is slow , but steady, I am encouraged, focused & confident!
My recertification for Pilates is due every two years! I failed 1st written test! FINALLY, my compelling reason to stop Over Drinking!
I am committed to 19 days of abstinence before I retake my test! You always say stop dinking, and you will find out why you do, so TRUE! I had my 1st 10 minute coaching call & shared my thoughts with Life Coach Suzy.
I have only been with SCS since June. I am so thankful, blessed & amazed how powerful your tools have been in my life. I am working the model daily!
I will report back when I PASS my retake test & SUCCEED in my 19 days of abstinence! Plan, prepare & prayer! YAY!
THANK YOU Brooke for what you created that is helping so many of us!
Katie & Willy (my 2 black & white pups! ♡)