Fallen into the ditch with eating and drinking

Hey Brooke,

I’m wondering if you have seen an issue I am dealing with in other clients and if you can please give me some insight. I have been with SCS since the first month, and have done a lot of really good work on managing my emotions and thoughts, especially around my marriage and feelings toward my husband. (Still have work to do, and am kind of stuck there, but have made progress).

One of my goals for doing work in SCS has been to also address overeating and drinking in my life, but my focus has been on my marriage. Here is my issue: since starting SCS my overeating and craving for food (esp. sugar) has gotten MUCH worse – I have actually gained 6.5 lbs. since starting SCS. Also, I am drinking less often but when I drink, I am drinking more alcohol than I normally would. Both of these behaviors are freaking me out! I don’t know why this is happening. I have tried to do thought downloads around overeating and overdrinking, but have been unable to uncover what is going on with me. I am feeling out of control and a little panicky b/c I feel so out of control, and am really perplexed as to why these issues have gotten worse since starting SCS.

Can you maybe give me some insight into what might be going on with me? Or help with how to do thought downloads that will start uncovering what is going on with me?

Thanks so much,