Falling back asleep

Hi, I am a double diamond. I have been struggling with insomnia in the last 6 years. I have done coaching work around it but still I haven’t been able to change my R line. The goal I have is to get to 6 hours straight of sleep. Today’s model:

C: In bed at 23:30. I was awake at 3, 4.30, 5.30, 7
T: I am not sleeping
F: frustrated
A: spin in thoughts, feeling sorry for myself
R: don’t put myself in the conditions to fall back asleep

Things I am trying:
– This is frustration, and is caused by the thought that I am not sleeping. This prevents me from falling back to sleep, so I put the thought on a side and I focus on feeling frustration on my body
– I did have some sleep
– Maybe this is not so bad
– Maybe I want to stay awake
– I will not fall back to sleep (paradoxical thinking to let go of my expectations to fall back asleep)

Would you have any suggestions to offer me? Thanks a lot