Falling Into The Same Thought Pattern

I have been doing coaching work to edit/change my thoughts about myself. I like to start new things, but almost as soon as I encounter challenges or difficulty I make this mean that I am bad or not enough for this new venture (coaching, training, protocol, lesson in anything). Two instances is the daily work for April and the plan for the day vs the accomplishments. I haven’t completed or met the plan. I also started the stop overeating work following a protocol and adding IF, but since I teach fitness classes, after 4 days I was feeling all sorts of fatigue, not sleeping well and wondering where I’ve gone wrong. More than anything else I just make this mean that I am not good at either, that I can’t focus or plan realistically my days, just as I can’t seem to do a right protocol for me taking into account the exercise I already do (IF is no problem, is the amount of food).