What happens if I stop following my protocol? I know that this is nearly impossible to happen since I’ve changes my thought around food. I still enjoy it but food no longer controls me. I love my protocol. I’ve nailed down all the details.
Monday-Friday -intermitted fasting with 2 meals
Friday Night: shabbat dinner with one portion of desert
Saturday: coffee and pastry for breakfast, with one large meal for lunch and a bite of food at around 6.
Sunday: no intermittent fasting, breakfast, lunch and dinner
I love my protocol especially that I can eat dessert with out the fear of getting fat because I know I am only eating a little bit.
I can take my kids for ice cream and enjoy watching them eat it. with out any feelings of deprivation because I am choosing this new way of life.
With all this I am still so scared that I might fall off the bandwagon. It that possible?