Family and Sales

I just took a trip to see all my family- my side and my husband’s side. It went really well for the most part.
I felt like I was able to love them all–and there are a lot of them!

I am noticing that I really struggle with my feelings when I feel like one of my sis-in-laws is trying to
get my approval- she is constantly trying to sell me on herself and everything she does (this is a common thing in my husband’s family- they’re all salesmen) .
I feel like a lot of the time when I’m with her I am just constantly reassuring her of my
approval of her and all she does- over and over. I want to be better at having patience with her and loving her, but
sometimes I feel like I’m trapped. Here are some of my models.

C: I’m with my sis-in-law
T: She wants so much approval and is so very needy and I’m not interested
in anything she is telling me.
F: Trapped
A: Wish I could leave them and not be around them
R: Feel stuck because I committed to spending time.

C: I’m with my in-laws
T: They are such salesmen and that is so great because it’s a good skill to have. (but I’m not wanting to buy anything
right now and I’d so much rather have a deep conversation that feels meaningful).
F: Bummed that I can’t find a thought I believe to feel better about being around her. hahaha. and want to cry because I
feel like I should want to be with her.
A: Stay with her and keep trying to talk
R: Feel like absolute crap

C: I’m with my sis-in-law
T: I love her red hair and blue eyes and I can analyze the light and how it reflects on her instead of
caring much about our conversation. She is very beautiful to look at.
F: I feel interested in her now and I don’t mind the superficial conversation.
A: Be agreeable and study her (I’m an artist).
R: I like to be with her.

Not sure what my issue is here. Some day I’d like to be a good sales person so I do think I should
figure out how to be more patient and try to enjoy “being sold to” so to speak. ?? Is that my problem??