Family Business/ New Thought to Empower Me

Hi Brooke,
Loving SCS – it is a fabulous program. I never picked a commitment for this year – I keep going back and forth. When you asked the woman life coach/ vs. marketing it became clear to her. What I find is that I think I want to be very successful at making money by investing and managing my family’s assets. But then I think that is just all ego, I really don’t like business, like what you do on a daily basis. Maybe just doing for father’s approval, so then I back pedal. And I do run my father’s business – I manage his investments and real estate, I manage my own family’s investments (although I never really make new investments). So, I just keep putting off making a commitment.
C- Family’s business
T- I am happy doing it at the level I am doing it now.
F- Anxiety – I should do more. I should be more ambitious.
A- Do the minimum, criticize myself, don’t acknowledge how much I do.
R- I am not happy

New model
C- Family Business
T- I am an amazing businessperson/manager of all the assets under my care.
F- Excitement and enthusiasm
A- Do what needs to be done
R- Family business works.

Under A Do what needs to be done it just feels blah.
Any suggestions to improve my model?