Family comments

Yesterday I had a conversation with my sister who told me I got cheek implants. When I told her I had not (factually I have not) she started to tell me that I have had plastic surgery on my face and I have no wrinkles and am not aging gracefully. I like to take care of my skin—that is important to me. I am trying to find compassion in my heart for her but I am stuck.

C Sister tells me I got cheek implants
T That was a nasty thing to say out of nowhere
F Insulted
A Try to prove to my sister I haven’t had cheek implants, judge myself, worry what other people think, mentally spin out, end conversation with her
R ??

C Sister says …
T Its ok for her to have her opinion
F Neutral
A Allow for her to be her
R ???

My second model doesn’t give me the relief I am looking for…maybe there is no better model here? I want to show up with love but maybe its not C where I am ready to move to love?