Family Drama

My Mom, Sister and I have always been close but my mom and sister live near each other and see each other every day.

I have always felt like they have a closer relationship than me but I’m really fine with that and understand that because of proximity that is possible. However, there have been situations in the past where it is obvious to me that I am very much the outsider (parents ask my sister and husband to be in family business and not me and my husband).

I try extra hard to be there for them in every way, I listen, call, text regarding day to day things for them. I used to get upset because they didn’t do the same in return…until I learned about the manual.

But yesterday, my niece tested positive for Covid. She is a freshman in college and diabetic. They didn’t call or text. My mom even texted me regarding something else and didn’t mention it. My sister “butt dialed” me this morning and this is the only reason I fount out. I’m so upset. I called my mom to try to talk to her about it and she said that I was being mean to her and hung up. Can you please help me be ok with this. I know that they can’t hurt my feelings but I sure feel hurt right now.