Family reunions update

You asked what I learned about this phase of the experiment with my family reunion… All of the emotions/drama that I experienced years prior was just due to my thinking. This year, no one had changed. They all showed up in their typical form, but instead of trying to control the situation or taking their actions personally, I just let them be themselves and think their own thoughts!

My next event in a couple of weeks is going to be my family. I have a little more challenge with my own family with separating their thoughts from my thoughts. I have practiced this a lot with my mom who I see more regularly, but still sometimes fall into a negative thinking cycle when I’m around her when I take on her comments as my own thoughts (criticisms of me, her or others typically). If I take the time to think it through, I realize that I don’t believe what she says and (like you’ve told me before), those are her thoughts and not mine. I also tend to take on the role of peacemaker in my family and try and make everyone get along. It’s a crazy and impossible job to control them all! Haha. After my recent weekend, I feel more comfortable with separating my own thoughts and responsibilities (taking care of myself … the only thing that I truly have control over).