Family Reunions

Hey Brooke! I have been working on both my overdrinking and overeating. Planning my drinks ahead and doing all the work. I have worked through so much negative thinking and difficult emotions. It has been amazing! I look and feel better than I have in years. In my day to day life, my desire to drink is significantly diminished. I am concerned about 3 upcoming long weekend events with family that I have over the next month. I started to picture how things will go with my drinking at these events. The alcohol will be plentiful and the thoughts/emotions intense. Sadness, regret, celebration, guilt, overwhelm … all of these are going to come up! My family is large, a bit crazy and we’ve experienced a lot of loss over the past years. I know it will be just as hard to just limit myself to 2 drinks as it is to not drink at all. I think I could successfully follow a drink plan if I planned for 10 drinks a day (Haha) but I don’t want to do that.

Where should I start with planning for these events? Luckily, I have the easiest one coming up this weekend because it is with my husband’s family. It will be challenging, but manageable. When I picture being with my family, I can already hear the voice in my head yelling, “YOU NEED A DRINK.”