Family Wedding

I recently attended my nephew’s wedding and decided not to ask ahead of time if there would be anything for me to eat at the dinner reception that would be gluten free. I am highly sensitive to gluten and do not eat it at all. I didn’t want them to worry about accommodating me, and I wasn’t too concerned since the wedding venue was very close to a great restaurant and my plan was to go have dinner there after the ceremony and return for the rest of the reception. It was a huge wedding of over 200 guests and I didn’t think my husband and I would be missed for the short time we were going to be gone. Well, I was wrong about that! It turns out they went out of their way to have a gluten free meal ready for me. But they never told me until the wedding was over … two weeks after the wedding!! I had absolutely no idea and apparently they have all been upset with me about it. Sigh. I apologized and explained I didn’t know and had not wanted to create extra work for anyone. The bride and groom have refused to talk to me at all or even acknowledge my presence at our most recent family gathering. I really do not know what to do. I feel like I’m being blamed for something that was not my fault.
C=bride and groom will not speak to me
T=I didn’t do anything wrong
A=try to explain and get them to understand so they will stop being mad at me, dwell on the issue and keep thinking about how they should not be acting like this, realize I can’t control how they feel, try to figure out what to do
R=I stay upset

I don’t know where to go from here.