Hello Brooke!

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

I love my family but I worry about their future. My mom is in her sixties as is my dad. My dad is an untreated bipolar which makes him prone to intense mood swings. My mom hates her job and she buffers with shopping and reading political blogs.
Their retirement plans rely on winning the lotto 😱 I tried to suggest saving, paying down their debt and finding jobs/ things they enjoy and can get money from but that lasted a week before they went back to their routine.
“So what?”
My brain is throwing a temper tantrum telling me that they are being foolish and that they could have an amazing life if they just put in a little bit of effort and discomfort. They would stop being stressed out about money. But I know I can’t change them and I need to love them as they are.

My thought for them is “they are doing the best they can” which I know they are.

How can I help them?