Family’s Rxn to my weightloss

Hello Coaches,
I have found it challenging to be at parties with family! I was 202lbs and currently weigh 142!! I’m proud of myself, yet feel hurt when family, for example, my mom tells me I’m too skinny, or brother says I’m starting to have no shape. I was teased for being overweight and now for being “too skinny.” I told myself, they are entitled to their opinion and what they think or say is none of my business. I’m feeling healthy and energetic and that is what matters. Yet, I had planned my joy eat the day of the family party and overate… felt bloated and miserable…. i ate to show or prove to my family that I could still eat “ normal.” I didn’t put myself down, but used it as evidence as to why I now eat a new and healthy way that serves me. Also, I replayed the family party over and decided how I could have responded and will respond to future comments instead of overindulging or overeating ! Did I do this work well? Please advise. Thank you in advance.