Famished on IF

Hi Brooke!

I’m 5’9, goal weight: 145
Protocol: 12 pm: veggies, 6 oz protein, 3 tbsp fat
8 pm: veggies, 6 oz protein, 3 tbsp fat, 4 oz carb, one piece fruit

Today is my 5th day of this and I am hungry ALL the time. Well in the mornings it’s still better but from lunch to dinner, it’s famine lol. And so when dinner comes, I do end up overeating from my protocol because I never feel full. Is This normal? For dinner, I sort of feel this tingly urge in my body that I feel when I’m about to go on a binge. I’m so focused on looking at the clock to turn 8 pm that I haven’t even begun to think about my thoughts.

C – it’s 6 pm
T – omg I can eat a farm. This isn’t normal. This isn’t enough food
F – madness
A – overeat
R – away from my commitment to myself

I mean, I know I can turn this around but my belief that me being hungry all the time is ‘ok, no this isn’t normal.’

I’ve read here that you suggest I do this for 2 weeks and I agree. Just curious to know if I’m missing something in my self-proclaimed feelings of constant hunger.