Fascinating breakthrough

I have been a scholar since March (which I think means VIP is coming soon!!) and I have really been doing the work. The result are amazing. I decided at the beginning of the summer to start the Stop Overeating because well, I’m overweight. Not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling with the program, have lost about 8# this summer (originally lost about 13# but some came back and the numbers are not dropping). The past couple of days I decided to go back and see what I had missed in my original listening by opening up the workbook and reading more carefully.

I realized I set a protocol, which I am about 60% good at sticking to (getting coached Monday on that one!). But I also realized, I was not writing down my food. So I started that today. I had written some in my journal, but I decided to use an app to put everything in tonight. And whoaaaaa. My calories came in under 1000. And my brain hit a wall and immediately said “you are supposed to eat 1200 calories”. In about 2 heartbeats I went from about a 2 on the hunger scale (it’s almost 11PM as I write this) to a -2, and I started salivating. It was crazy.

So, I just started doing models and I realized that since I can remember, I have relied on a number (calories, weight) to take care of me. Rather like I relied on my bank balance to take care of me. A number does not take care of me, and clearly, a 1200/d calorie count didn’t take care of me for the past 30 years I’ve been thinking about it. >I< take care of me. I tend my mind and observe what I am thinking and decide what results I want then act to get those results.

Peace all