Fasting and 3 meals vs. 2

I’m realizing that I think I could fast longer in the morning. I am not hungry at all after fasting for 15 hours and just doing some weight lifting. However, I have a 2 year who I take to do different activities in the late morning. I haven’t considered not eating yet (only 1 week in) in the morning because I don’t want to all of a sudden feel like shit when I’m out with him and need food and want it to be enough food for my first meal of the day. What is your advice for this? What would you recommend taking along with me to eat if I do really need food?

And, along the same thought . . . .if I do end up fasting longer (say I eat from 11 am – 6 pm), could I have 3 smaller meals (if I need that) in that time frame instead of the two that I’ve heard you talk about?