Fasting and adrenal fatigue

Hi there. I reached my goal weight in Nov 2017 following all of the advice here. I maintained until Feb 2018 but then went on a 2 week holiday where I drank beer everyday. I gained 3kg and couldn’t seem to get back to my original plan/protocol. I was making too many exceptions and had too much chatter. I also gave up drinking alcohol at that time which I think contributed to me wanting to use food as entertainment on the weekends.
I consulted a nutritionist to get advice on low energy that I was experiencing and overeating after dinner.
He told me I have to stop fasting in the morning (I was having 1 cup of coffee with cream in the morning then eating salad at 1pm and meat and veg for dinner)
He told me I had to stop fasting in the morning as it was causing adrenal fatigue and burnout. He had me eating 6 meals a day which led me to constant overeating and another 3 kg weight gain.
I felt better but I think it had more to do with my doctor upping my antidepressant than with me eating more often.
Unfortunately he did scare me enough that I haven’t fasted since.
I’ve tried to find evidence that fasting can cause adrenal fatigue but I’m not convinced.
Can you give me advice on this. I’ve since changed to a 3 meal a day protocol no sugar no flour which does take the weight off but is more effort than the 2 meal plan was.
My main issue is bingeing on sugar on the weekends but I will post that question separately, I’m just wondering if I should go back to no breakfast again or if I’m risking my energy doing so.