Fasting and food question

I just joined scholars.  I started out weighing 218 and I want to lose 80 pounds.  I went through the stop overeating classes, and found I am already almost perfectly following the food recommendations, because for 10 years I’ve been trying to lose weight, heal underactive thyroid and gut bacteria imbalance that has caused mega food sensitivities, sinus congestion, fatigue, brain fog, etc.  So I eat very clean – gluten-free, organic, local (as much as possible), lots of veggies, good fats.  I cut out sugar and alcohol a few weeks ago.  The only change I made is I started intermittent fasting, eating only between 12 noon and 6 pm.  I’ve lost 3 pounds in 2 days (yay!)
2 questions:
1. If my weight loss continues at that pace, should I be concerned about losing weight too fast?
2. I feel great when I’m fasting (huge surprise to me) but want to take a nap ½ hour after my first meal. Should I change what I’m eating for the first meal or stick it out for at least 2 weeks? Thank you!