Fat adapted athlete

I have this chatter about doing a marathon on protocol. I am walking about a 15 minute pace, but as I get thinner and stronger, will like to move into the 13 or 12 minute pace.

I have a goal to lose 10 pounds for September, the 15 pounds for the remainder of the year. I am committed to sticking to my protocol and no snacking. Continuing with IF, NSNF. I do feel fat adapted as I was not hungry during today’s training (6 miles). It’s a paradigm shift, as in the past, I have been taught to fuel when training more than 40 minutes. I have been home, did a light yoga practice and will eat in 30 minutes to an hour based on my protocol, but I am not hungry – at least not more than typical since acclimating to IF.

I can’t help but notice the chatter and the urges – it’s pretty loud. I know it may be because I have 2 seemingly competing goals, weight loss and marathon training. I intend to stick to the protocol and use this time as an experiment on my body. I want to learn more about the nutrition my body requires.

Here is my protocol:
Noon: 7 oz veggies, 4 oz protein, 2-3 TBS fat
6:00-8:00: 14 oz veggies, 4 oz protein, 2-3 TBS fat
I plan to have a potato or sweet potato on Thursday and/or Friday
I am also thinking about fuel during long 13+ mileage, someone suggested electrolyte tablets and dates, but I think I will stick to water <13

C: Lose 30 pounds
T: I have a lot of chatter
F: Confusion
A: Buffer
R: Waste time

T; I expect there to be a lot of chatter
F: Curiosity
A: Stick with my plan
R: Complete my goal