Being fat adapted at goal weight (Sri)


I’ve lost about 4-5 lbs so far in two weeks. My weight fluctuates by about 1-2 lbs every day or two, but on the whole its gone down. I still have a lingering doubt that this may all reverse (since I’ve lost upto 10-15 lbs on other diets in the past and its come back). I’m trying to run the below model on this. My intentional model below is working backwards from the result I want. I feel this will work.

C: I’ve lost 5 lbs
T: Its not going to keep working, the weight will come back on
F: Discouraged, Not committed
A: Follow protocol half-heartedly, cheat, take shortcuts
R: Weight comes back on

C: I’ve lost 5 lbs
T: By finding other sources of joy aside from food, my life is opening up. It hasn’t been that hard this far, I feel great and that’s how it’ll be from now on
F: Belief, Confidence
A: Stay on the plan, don’t give up
R: Continue to lose weight consistently over time until I reach my goal weight, and maintain my goal weight from then on

I’m far from this, so this is more of a hypothetical question. Once I reach my goal weight and become fat adapted, presumably my body is not carrying around excess fat. So if I’m eating like I do now (or even less), where will the fat come from to “dine in”? Or would the protocol need to change as I approach my goal weight?