Fat Adaption and Possibly Too Few Calories?

When I’m eating my whole food plant based (WFPB) diet and am fat adapted (Intermittent fasting- eating 2 meals a day within 6 hour window), it really does not take much food to get me full… and I do stop eating when I am full. I’ve wondered sometimes though if I’m getting enough to eat just listening to when my body says I’m full, or if I should make myself eat more. Sometimes my brain is like… this can’t be healthy, you’re not eating very much… maybe you’re developing anorexia… we should definitely ditch this. And today I input my food into MyFitnessPal (first time on this WFPB + IF diet that I’ve done this in myfitnesspal) and it told me I wasn’t eating enough calories so it wouldn’t record my food diary post and then warned against becoming nutrient deficient from consuming too few calories. Sooo it brought this issue up again for me– caloric intake vs “I’m full” signal when my body is fat adapted so hunger is basically a nonissue in my day.