Fat is not a feeling (SB)

I know that fat is not a feeling. So what’s actually going on when I feel fat? Here’s what I think happens.

C: feel fat
T: I can’t handle this
F: urge to eat
A: eat donut
R: I don’t handle feeling fat

But I know you’re gonna say that feeling fat isn’t neutral. Fair.

But here’s the deal. My body feels big. My face feels round. My skin feels stretched. My belly feels distended. My boobs feel swollen.

Are THESE things facts?

I think these are sensations in my body that I have thoughts about in a similar way to physical pain.

Like if I had back pain, could back pain go in the C line? Or would it have to be something more neutral?

See.c my biggest triggers ever are “feeling fat” and having acne (or, feeling ugly). These are the feelings I really want to buffer over.

I’ve asked this question before on ask a coach and didn’t really get a satisfying answer and I’m still confused, and I’m still buffering when I have the thought I feel fat.

But this just does feel like an observation of reality. How is it different than I feel sad or happy? Is that because it’s a judgment? Because fat is not a feeling?

I really can’t identify the thought that causes the urge in these situations. Has anyone else experienced this??

I’m not new to thought work but I’m real stuck on this. Thanks!