My father-in-law has several properties he has decided to sell. I got my Realtors license in January. He and my husband flipped and built these houses together but had a falling out a few years ago and have never healed their relationship. The first couple of properties my father-in-law sold, he listed with someone else. (dick move) He asked a few months ago if I wanted to sell the next one and I said yes. The house has sat on the market for a month. Although I got them to lower the price, held a Brokers open house and payed to have new virtual staging photos taken, he asked to cancel the listing with me so he could go back to the other Realtor. This is the gist of the situation.

I think he is an asshole for not giving it more time to sell when the market is so slow right now. I think it is an asshole move to only give it a month and then go back to this other Realtor when I am family. I think he didn’t really want to give the property to me to list in the first place but did it out of guilt/feeling obligated to “give me a try.” I have a lot of hate for him right now and many opinions of what an evil, narcissistic asshole I believe him to be. I think what he did is really shitty and that you shouldn’t treat people that way, especially family but all he cares about is money, not people.

I feel mistreated.

I cannot stop spinning in my head. I am losing sleep. I don’t ever want to see him again. I don’t want my kids to ever see him again. I wish we lived far away from here so we never had to deal with or try to be nice to him again. I just feel so full of rage and disgust for him.

Maybe I am reaching out to ‘ask a coach’ because I don’t want to feel all this. I want it to go away. I want resolution to it all. I want to put it behind me and move forward into light and love. What am I missing here, coach? What am I not seeing because I am so filled with rage and hate. If I feel all the feels, will it be better on the other side? Probably not so how do I let it go so I can move on with my life? Right now it is consuming me and I cannot focus on anything else.