Father’s Day

My husband just got a text from his half sister saying she’s inviting herself to our Father’s Day bbq. Which actually means she’s bringing her husband and kids which we really don’t speak to. When my husband told me this, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I want to like her, but every time in the past when I have tried to be friendly and connect with her it was never reciprocated. So I’ve just never bothered to have a relationship with her. I wasn’t hard since she didn’t live close and my husband rarely talked to her. BUT she was recently relocated and now wants us to be apart of her life because she has kids. My husband and I both feel resentful because she was never there for our children which are now adults, they have no kind of relationship but she wants us to be there for hers. I know I can change my thinking about this, but right now I don’t want to. Right now I still line my story. BUT I know I do t want to always feel this ugly feeling when her name is brought up. And I definitely don’t want to feel this way in Father’s Day. Maybe I’m looking for you to tell me to get over it.