Fatigue (Advice)

Dear coaches,

I want to discuss my fatigue – which tends to happen recently in the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings leading me to find it hard to manage and causing sleepiness and a kind of ‘collapse’. This has become worse in the last months, and noticeable. It worries me and I want to think how I can address it and have more energy.

I’ll give an example. Yesterday Tuesday I had a full day at work. I felt tired almost all day & had migraines which didn’t really ease despite medication. The pain wasn’t debilitating but it was there, as a background through my day. I found the day difficult, therefore. What then happened. I got home in the early evening and:
–collapsed in bed after dinner
–had more food than what was on my protocol – just extra healthy snacks (not bingeing but off protocol)
–went back on twitter for a bit on my phone (though it’s off my plan, I have been doing very well being off social media for the last months)

So because of the fatigue I buffered with both of my protocols i.e. in simple terms broke my own rules! In my defense, I also did quite a bit of reading while in bed, which was good. And I had an early night. I was kind to myself, realizing I had just had a hard day and that’s ok.

But what I want to bring is:
First how can I deal with these increasing times of fatigue when they happen, without turning to social media & food?

Second, I have been having some worrying thoughts about the fatigue. I am curious what is causing it.
–The menopause (I am on HRT but maybe needs reviewing?)?
–the warm weather / humidity?
–ageing? (but I’m 49, not 80, and my thought right there is – what the hell will I be like at 80!!)
–stress in my work at the clinic, too many things to my calendar
–not enough exercise / breaks? I do think I’m not exercising enough recently

I would be happy with any suggestions on how to start addressing this.