Fatigue/tiredness — real or in my mind?

Working with my mind and my models and tripping over a particular idea.

There are days where I’m just tired. I wake up and feel depleted and there are multiple reasons for it — not enough sleep, working too many days in a row, working long hours, dealing with very “heavy” situations at work, mind chatter (in my control, part of why I’m here!)…I think feeling depleted is something I’ve just learned to live with and have not “processed.” Can “feeling tired” or “being depleted” be in the C line of the model? If so, what I am seeing is that I’m resisting my level of fatigue…Here’s what I’m working with…

C: my body and mind are tired
T: I am overstretched and should not feel that way
F: exhausted, resistance, irritable
A: Lack of acceptance that I am tired and need a break. Continue to go “100 mph” and overwork and over commit
R: Overstretch myself some more, become irritable with those who I love, do not have patience and bandwidth to reach my personal goals, feeling resentful

I’m struggling with knowing how much of my fatigue really is my body asking for a little rest vs my mind creating this story of fatigue. I’m not sure if it is indulgent or not.

And then the next question…

If I am truly just tired…how do I accept that, feel it in my body, and not resist it?

Here’s a model I was considering…
C: Tired is a human emotion
T: Feeling tired and exhausted sometimes is part of being human
F: Acceptance
A: Allow fatigue and tiredness to be in the background of my daily activities
R: Learn to live with fatigue and not let it get in the way of living the life I want

Would love some perspective! Thanks!