My Favorite Model so far — it even has exclamation points!!

Hi Brooke!
I guess this is a little follow up to my last question, when I had skipped out on an exercise class and opened up a self hatred can of worms. This morning, in my car at 5:15 am on my way to that same exercise class, I realized that for all the times I DIDN’T sleep through my alarm (most of the time), I don’t open up an equally powerful can of self love worms. So what the f***??
So, I did a little model on that this morning.

T: my aligned actions don’t matter as much as the times I act out of alignment. Those unaligned actions are FAR more meaningful, they tell me where I need to focus my energy and attention.
F: sad, defeated.
A: don’t try very hard to be in alignment, after all, what’s the point? Those actions are meaningless.
R: less alignment

T: My aligned actions are WAY MORE POWERFUL than unaligned actions!
F: Joyful and energetic!
A: More aligned action — today, that means prepping well and speaking confidently, and being fully present for those actions
R: More power, more momentum, more alignment

What do you think? I seriously felt those exclamation points and an energy through my body as I wrote out that ITM.