F*cked up belief systems

As I look at my life and where I feel stuck, I can see a whole bunch of beliefs that just suck. Stuff like “I have to make a lot of money to be valuable in the world” and “if my husband makes more than me I’m useless” or “if the scale goes up I’m out of control” or “there’s never enough money” and “I haven’t earned my right to teach people anything as a life coach”, just as a few examples. Or “my belief systems are so fucked up” and “I can’t handle other people being mad at me” and so on and so on and so on.

It kind of just occurred to me that, what if, I just said – fuck those beliefs. What if I had ZERO of my human experience, and was just reborn today at my age with no recollection of my past experiences that formed these beliefs. What would I do then? How would I feel? Like, what if I were just a different person. Not because she’s better, but just because she dropped all the beliefs that didn’t serve her because they’re not even true.

I feel like I’d throw caution to the wind. I’d just LIVE, fully, without worrying one bit what anyone thought. I’d dive headfirst into my coaching business because why WOULDNT I? I would go all in on my relationship and allow myself to fall madly in love instead of worrying about what other people think. I would tell my job “no” when they ask me to do something I don’t want to, and I’d let them have their feelings about it. I would eat the way that feels good for me with zero regard for what anybody says is healthy or unhealthy. I would love deeper. I would live more fully. I would love myself and everybody I know so much more. I could enjoy the fact that my husband makes enough money that I don’t have to work, and I could LOVE my life and I could love the space I have to grow my business and I could make that mean nothing about the value I offer the world.

All I have to do is drop these ridiculous bullshit beliefs.

Is it actually possible to do that? Cause when I think of it, I feel really good. Really really good. Like a giant weight has been lifted. A lot of it just has to do with worrying about what other people think. What if I just allowed them space to think whatever they want? Isn’t that the loving thing to do? Give people space to love or hate or judge or condemn me, even? How can I love people even when they don’t like me for being me? I know I can do that.

Anyway, this is a little ranty.

C: belief systems exist in my brain
T: There is zero reason I have to abide by those belief systems ever again
F: free
A: I live with a beginners mind. I feel all the feelings. I live fully.
R: I change my belief systems to ones that I love

I mean, I really like this new model.

Old model
C: belief systems
T: my belief systems are fucked
F: doomed
A: worry about how I can change belief systems, worry about every aspect of my life where I feel stuck
R: I continue to prove that my belief systems are fucked

Or what about this

C: belief systems
T: I can begin again with a new belief literally right this moment
F: empowered
A: I try new beliefs on, find new situations to practice them and take new actions, feel all the feelings
R: I create new beliefs

Ok this is awesome

C: belief systems
T: I’m so stuck in so many areas of life
F: defeated
A: no action, ruminate, try to fix self
R: I remain stuck

C: belief systems
T: everything can change exactly right now
F: so excited
A: I try on new beliefs and act them out, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted
E: I allow the space for things to change right now

I mean………..

This makes me feel almost elated. My beliefs make me feel so bad, what if I just said fuck them?