F*cking FB!

Helppppp! I was sucked into the rabbit hole of comments on a Facebook post! I wasted more time than I’d like to admit replying to people. Why? That I’m not sure i am fully aware of. I noticed inaccurate info, and felt compelled to to them otherwise. Why? Who the hell knows. I thought to myself “what if no one corrects them though? I probably should. I don’t want to assume someone else will.. if maybe no one will? That’s almost like a bystander effect …assuming someone else will “help”…. hmmm. Well, shit. It was probably a good Two hours WASTED if I had a stop watch of the back and forth nonsense. So clearly, this did not serve me.

Can you give me thoughts I can think in the future to scroll on past the bullshit and not be tempted to engage? Thanks!