Hi Brooke!

I hope you are having a lovely September!

First I wanted to thank you for giving me the tools to learn to plan in a manner that I can achieve my goals 😆

I realized that as I get closer to meeting me deadline and move towards accomplishing my goal I plunge into fear.

My throat closes and my heart beats faster when I think about succeeding. I wonder if I’m prepared. The whole idea of change, which is what I want, scares me. How can I be ready for my changing world?

It is interesting to see that although I want to change myself and life , at the same time I want to remain the same.

I know this is the work. But how do I do it? Thought models and thought downloads, I’m sure are the answer, but the fear never goes away does it?

Thanks for reading my insecurities and for any help you offer!

Many hugs and much love, Liza