Fear about not being "realistic"

I recently got my phd. my goal is to transform my field and change the world through my research as a researcher and professor. I feel really excited and good and nauseous (in a good way) about this goal. I have been working towards this goal for the last 7 years and know it will be years more before I achieve it.

However, since COVID-19, the academic job market has taken a huge hit. Listening to people talk about it, it sounds like maybe there won’t be any professor jobs available anymore, and that phds should give up and find jobs outside of academia for the future. Part of me wants to ignore this advice and continue to pursue my goal, because I want to take the massive action to get there. Part of me is afraid that I’m delusional and I should not be pursuing something that so many people who know more than me are telling me not to do.

This is directly related to a decision I am about to make for my next career stage – I have two options, and one is big and juicy and exciting (and also scarier, and less certain) and the other option is a good option but not as good as a fit. I am afraid of making the wrong decision between these and “ruin” my chances of achieving my dreams and becoming a professor who changes the world. I am spinning in indecision and anxiety.

So I guess I need help with bridge thoughts on both models – (1) about academic job opportunities in the future and (2) finding peace with a decision between two job offers?