Fear and limiting beliefs

My fiancé notices when I am not taking action due to fear but I cannot tell that myself. How can I recognize that I am limiting myself? Are there clues or hints? Example is I fear needles. I’m afraid of them so when I get a shot I don’t look at the needle. The one time I did look at the needle I passed out. I didn’t see this as limiting myself until my fiancé brought it up but I agree with him as so many people don’t have the problem I do with needles and I want to be able to look at the needle while my blood is being drawn without passing out. I know that it’s the needle and not the blood I have an issue with as my dad accidentally sawed his finger off, I saw the blood and bone and was not affected by it. I understand that I have to just not think about it but how can I get better at finding out my thoughts limiting me without someone else pointing them out to me?