Fear of change/Cinnamon Bread

Hi Brooke,
I am loving this class and the work. Thank you!
I have a model that I wanted to run by you. I have noticed a pattern – I eat on plan all day or all weekend, and about 15 minutes after I give myself a mental pat on the back, I am indulging. It is not a fog eat, I know what I am doing. It is also not a binge. I am just eating enough that I can’t really feel proud of myself. I don’t think it is sabotage, I think it is lizard brain-afraid-of-change kind of stuff. What are your thoughts on this? Ideas on how to get over it?
I did a model, trying to get to the bottom of this – in someways it seems that it comes down to a different mindset depending on the time of day. But, honestly, I feel a little stuck, I have a really hard time getting in touch with my feelings on the 2nd model.

C: Cinnamon Bread on the counter (morning)
T: I am not going to let that bread wreck my commitment
F: Pumped, confident
A: Walk away from the bread
R: Continue feeling pumped, confident

C: Cinnamon bread on the counter (evening)
T: I thought this would taste better. I should have a second slice, that one will probably be as good as I thought this should be
F: Must have some
A: Eat for a while, noticing it is not as good as I thought it would be
R: Feel disappointed in myself

Thank you, Brooke!