Fear of dying from Cancer

I completed cancer treatments 4 years ago, but 6 months ago I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis due to chemo so now I have to go back to the Infusion Room for treatments. I went yesterday, and when I got home I overate. I’ve been doing well with keeping my protocol through all the holiday parties, but last night I decided I’d rather buffer. I thought a lot about why after. Initially I wrote it off as a “tough day” or I was “just tired,” but turns out my thought was “I am going to die from Cancer.” My mind got very dramatic and pointed to all the reasons why this was true (lots of examples, of course).
I tried to make an intentional thought from this, but nothing seems right. I was working on the feeling being Neutral, which is ok because I may or may not die from cancer. I may die from 100 other things too but I don’t worry about that. Any suggestions on how I can find a thought that I believe. My logical side saying don’t be daft is just not working. 🙂