Fear of getting made fun of.

So. I’ve learned some more things about myself. This is fascinating but concerning at the same time, lol.

I discovered that I have a fear of people making fun of me. When I am in social situations at work, or everyone is all grouped together and talking, my body language changes. I figit nervously with my hands and constantly wonder how I’m coming across to everyone. Sometimes when I’m participating in some of the conversations and people laugh, my first instinct makes me assume they are laughing at me. (When they are not-I just assume this)


Im not trying to define myself by saying this, but I DID get bullied very badly in school growing up. This actually brings some embarrassment up just saying this, but could this be why I’m so awkward?

Now that I’m doing this work, I’ve been trying to calm myself down by saying “it’s ok, they aren’t even looking at you. It’s ok”. Over and over again, and that has helped.

But is this one of those things where I need to rewrite the past?
Or just do multiple thought downloads?

Thanks so much for any input!

This will surely be the next big thing I work on.