Fear – how to overcome it when there is actual danger invovled?

Today I went skiing. Some parts of the slope were actually quite steep. When I started, I was already in a mind set of “I will struggle with this.” I skied down the slope and when it got steeper I got so scared that I spent 15 min trying to persuade myself actually skiing down. There was actual danger involved, but I know that I bring myself into more danger with my panic attacks since I ski too slow etc. which ends up being more dangerous.

My brain often also starts telling me that I am too fearful in general, I am not capable of doing this and everyone is annoyed because you make them wait. Today, I realized that this event shows really well how I also behave in a professional environment. My fear puts me into more harm’s way than doing what is required to be done.

I am aware that I tend to be scared of many things and coached myself to be proud that I consciously try to face my fears, but would you have any advise on how I could deal with my fear in the particular situation itself? The moment when I start to panic but I need to ski down the steep slope? Can I prepare for such situation even though actual danger is involved?

What really annoys me about this particular situation is my fear in general is that I always tend to underestimate my abilities. This in turn keeps me small, because I pull back from doing things I actually would be capable of doing.

Many thanks four your feedback!