Fear is taking over

I’ve been working hard to get myself to take action. I was making great progress but I got derailed recently. I worked with a coach to help me with my business. He told me the niche I’m in is saturated and it would be very hard to stand out. I’m devastated as he is someone with the same level success as Brooke. I’m also panicked as I needed to generate a second income to help with my finances. I’ve been doing my thought downloads but panic took over last night. I literally couldn’t get out of bed today. I’m running my models but not getting past the panic. Can you review my models and give me advice on anything I’m missing to get out of panic mode?

C-Advice from business coach
T-Business idea won’t work
A-Hide under the covers
R-Lose everything

C-Advice from business coach
T-Others have succeeded in crowded niche
A-Promote my business
R-Adjust as needed

C-Advice from Business Coach
T- I only need 10 clients a month
R-$1M in annual revenue from my business