my fear of making mistakes

I’m new this month to self coaching scholars and appreciate your help.
I woke up this morning with this epiphany, “I’m afraid of making mistakes.”
This keeps me stuck. I’ve realized this may apply to anything in my life…money, writing, photography, relationships, coaching practice-business, admitting I’m wrong and having to say I’m sorry, fear of being sued, remodeling my house, even my own joy.
Yikes, this feels huge.
What’s next?
How do I become willing, even eager to make mistakes?
I get the model, C, T, F, A, R. How do I change? Is it as complex and as simple as choosing a new thought? And looking for evidence to back up the new thought?

C Coaching paying clients

T I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake and be sued.

F fear, frustration

A inactivity, more negative thinking, stalling, procrastination

R spinning, stalling, no results except delay and frustration, self anguish, don’t ask people to coach with me, don’t promote myself as a life coach, stop dreaming of what’s possible, don’t retire from my current job