Fear Model on Starting Business

I find myself second guessing and doubting my ability to start my own coaching business. I tend to look at the past when it comes to how much money I spent on programs and courses. I do not regret it, but I beat myself up for investing so much money and then not taking action. At the time, my circumstances played a huge factor (losing job, risk of losing my home, credit card debt, illness in the family etc.) I no longer want to feel like it is impossible for me to dream big and make it happen. I used this as one significant thing that I want to change from my past. The current story that I have been telling about this event is that I shouldn’t take such a big risk in this point in my life because I have so many other financial obligations to take care of. What if I fail? what if I don’t make enough money? what if I don’t take action because I do not believe that I can make $150,000 the first year I launch my business because I have a full-time job? what if I get stuck? what if I get pregnant, would I be able to be a new mom and still be able to build my business? All of these limiting beliefs are blocking me from moving forward, from taking that first step! I feel angry that I listed to that part of my brain. That negative voice trying to protect me but I am allowing it to consume me.

The facts of this event are:
1) Yes, I have invested money in myself in the past
2) I didn’t take action, but I have gained experience and met people in the process
3) I am not a prisoner of my past
4) I can take what I learned from my past and choose to think differently
5) I am at a different place in my life and anything is possible

Would these be considered intentional models? Would love to hear your feedback on this.

Thank you!