Fear of and Resistance to Moving Into New House

I recently relocated to a new city and purchased a house. Now I’m afraid I’m going to feel lonely and isolated in the house, and have yet to move in. How can I move forward emotionally and physically?

My Model
C: I recently relocated from Seattle to Charleston and purchased a townhouse in a suburb – 6.5 miles from downtown Charleston.
T: I’ve always lived in the city. I don’t want to live in the suburbs in a house all by myself. I’m going to feel lonely and isolated there. I should have bought a place in the city instead.
F: Fear/Panic
A: Still living in a hotel, where I’m surrounded by people. Not spending time unpacking, setting up and living in my new house. I have yet to spend even one night there.
R: Remaining stuck in the “in transition” stage. Not able to move forward.