Fear of binging

Hi Brooke,

I was doing very well on protocol. I felt like I was fat adapted. I was not hungry, I was satisfied after I ate, I was not having cravings or urges, it seemed easy and effortless, I was slimming down.

Then I went out of town with my husband to Montreal for the weekend without the kids. I think that I have more work to do on staying on protocol while out to dinner or out of my routine. Anyway the first night I had wine, second night … wine with a little taste of dessert, the third night wine and an entire box of maple cookies back at the hotel. Since we have been home I have binged on sugar every day. I am definitely not fat adapted anymore. I am tired, crabby, and insatiably hungry.
I know what I need to do – it is just so hard. I am fearful of what I will do each day. Each day that I give in I get further and further from my goal of being fat adapted. Which is so easy to do once I am there. If I can just make it through a couple of days without binging.

C: Montreal
T: I failed and cannot climb out of this hole
F: Scared
A: Keep binging
R: Fail and stay in vicious cycle- feel like shit

C: Montreal