Fear of Dreams

Dear , Brooke ! First of all – thank you for your teachings and being an example! Once I stopped whining and resisting – everything improved instantly , just have to be commited daily.
I am catching myself on difficulties day-dreaming – cut myself short when feel that it’s impossible , when the calculation kicks in – fear and disappointment , jealousy of others kicks in .
Unintentional model :
C- fear of dreaming
T- never going to happened , other people have better lives
F- upset , disappointed , afraid that life goes by
A- tucking my dreams away , don’t dream
R- life is mediocre – work – home , canceled FB account not to get jealous

Intentional :

C-fear of dreams
T-dreams make me happy and can be achieved
F- butterflies in stomach , excited
A- work on obstacles and resultions
R- booked my first ( together with boyfriend ) vacation to Tulum – first in long time since we got all this animals , everything is possible !!
Please , comment on my models . Julia