Fear of falling in love with a choice

Hi coaches. I just found a thought I think that has been going around my brain for a while now. Throughout my studies and my career so far it seems to me that I have prevented myself from fully embracing loving what I have been studying and working on for the fear that, if I did, I would have “liked it too much”, and thus identified myself with that specific life path. What’s the problem? Not being fully sure I want to be that “thing” and the fear of missing out on all the other versions of me I could fantasize of.

The fear of embracing a reduced and maybe limited, smaller, wrong version of me has prevented me from fully embracing any of them, not giving myself the chance of growing fully in any direction.

I would say this could be similar to the tendency I have with intimate relationships. As soon as a person get closer, I want to make sure to not like her too much thinking of all the future possible relationships (maybe better, more complete) that, by engaging with this one, I would miss.

While I am not beating me up for this, nor do I think there is something wrong with me, at the same time I see that many people do not have this tendency, and so I am wondering what could be some core beliefs of this tendency of mine to stand upon. Curiosity first, of course. Any suggestions on how to approach this? Thanks.