Fear of flying

HI Brooke, loving SCS, I’m so glad I click on that FB ad for your weight loss book in Jan and then discovered SCS. I rarely click, normally I just groan about the ads as I scroll by. SCS has much content for so little money, totally worth the price of admission. It’s changing my life and my thinking.

I’m wondering how I can get over my fear of flying on an airplane. It’s either that or take a train or bus, which of course will take much longer to get where I need to go. I try to change my thoughts to feel relaxed and safe, but I always seem to come back to not wanting to change my thoughts. ‘NO, I HATE FLYING. I don’t like the sensition of taking off, I don’t like heights, it’s scary being that high up, I feel all the cabin pressure changes, I feel trapped” on and on. I feel like my heels are really dug in on this one, no matter how much I try to tell myself that it’s safer than being in a car. Any suggestions?