Fear of having a mental break down

How do I do a model on this thought.

“I’m afraid I will have a mental break down.” (mostly because my sleep patterns are starting to be erotic and I know that that is a red flag for me and I am really scared. )
I know that my thoughts will create my results. So I better do an intentional model quickly.
However, I would like to explore this thought and go deeper into it.
Can you please help me with that?

In addition
I have a-lot of thought regarding that thought as well, such as:
– I know I wont have a mental break down.
-If I do have a mental break down its not the end of the world
– My family will not manage (and fall apart) if I have a mental break down
-Its not fair to my family if I have a mental breakdown.

I have alot to shame regarding my thoughts

I make it mean that there is something wrong with me.

Can you advise me?