Fear of joy eats

Ive been with SCS for a month and doing great with 15 lbs lost and loving the IF and my protocol. Ive not had any joy eats, scheduled or otherwise and I am realizing that I am afraid to have a joy eat because Im afraid it will affect my weight loss and (then that leads to the fear I have of what that scale says which is whole other question). Im also afraid that I am having the joy eat to resolve a craving or an urge I am having for Tostitos. Should I not just learn to feel that urge and move on rather than satisfying it with indulging in joy eating the Tostitos?
I realize that the feeling I am having over the joy eats is fear. I am also afraid that I will just think of the joy eat for the entire 24hrs until I have it. I don’t want to think about food all the time and I don’t want to look that forward to food, joy eat or not. But nor do I want to be afraid of the food itself. I know there is a lot here but I am just not sure where to start with this. Do I just have the joy eat with the tedious work sheet, or do I deal with all the fears first??