Fear of Judgement from others and myself

Hi. I starting my own life coaching business. I’m brand new and have never coached anyone formally. Only in informal situations. I also have had a completely different career in the past. In the span of 3 years after graduating from college I went from being an art student industrial design graduate, to falling into graphic design and web design, starting my own web design business, being a personal trainer part-time, and then finally finding my passion for life coaching after it helped my life tremendously.

I’m ALL IN on life coaching. I want to become one and I am for sure on that. However, I’m fearing judgment from people since my career has been so wishy-washy. I’m fearing telling people “I’m a life coach” and they will think “how long will that last?” or “YOU’RE going to be a life coach??”. I know I can help people, but I know people will scoff at me. How do I overcome this? The best I have come up with is that people will always disagree with you and who cares? But I do care deep down. I suppose I should ask myself “Is caring about what others think serving you”.

I also may be projecting these thoughts. Because I am doubting myself, I think others are as well. I am 25 and find myself thinking, what do you know? How are you qualified to help others?

Any thoughts or guidance on this would be appreciated.