Fear of making people uncomfortable with a sale

I am pretty good at making sales when I have a client in my office. But sometimes I feel like I miss a sale out of fear of making the other person uncomfortable or putting them on the spot.

C- Sharing labs with patient and making offer to help
T- If I am too aggressive with my offer the patient will feel uncomfortable and not like me.
F- fear or maybe just anxiety
A- I make the offer but then quickly tell the patient “take this home and think about it and just let me know” instead of telling the patient to sign up for my membership now
R- patient goes home never to be heard from again

New model
T- I have an amazing offer for my client and am so excited to help her.
F- excitement
A- I push the patient to sign up for a membership
R- Patient may be more likely to sign up?

Thanks for any input or advice.