Fear of strong personalities

Hi Brooke,
I have a fear of successful women with strong personalities (I am also a woman).
my mother wasn’t domineering; my father was a tyrant. I am not sure where this comes from and I guess it doesn’t matter. I just notice that I get crazy awkward and childlike when I am around successful, dominant women. It gets so bad I cant articulate myself, I throw out my opinions to avoid conflict, and I just do not show up as myself. I get scared. I also have extreme feelings of self loathing.
I want to feel more confident in my own skin.
here are my UM and IM; I think I am missing something and I am not sure what to put in my IM A line

C – Women
T – Successful, confident, powerful
F – Fear
A – Introvert and hide
R – Adult/child relationship. Self loathing

C – Women
T – interesting that I perceive them to be “bigger and better” than me
F – curious
A –
R – Adult to adult relationships